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Hamas: Israel Ignoring Cease-Fire Terms06/20 06:14

   GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) -- Hamas' chief says Israel is ignoring the terms 
of an indirect cease-fire agreement for the Gaza Strip.

   Ismail Haniyeh told foreign reporters in Gaza on Thursday that the 
understandings, brokered by Egypt, Qatar and the U.N., now are "in the danger 

   He said Israel has shown "no respect" for the terms and the 2 million 
residents of blockaded Gaza who "have not felt" any improvement to their living 

   Israel acknowledges no formal arrangements.

   Israel and Egypt imposed a blockade after the Islamic militant group 
violently seized control of the coastal Palestinian enclave in 2007.

   Since March 2018, Hamas has led mass protests along the Israel-Gaza fence 
against Israel.

   The two have fought three wars over the past decade and the informal 
understandings are aimed at preventing another war.


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